Hardap Solar

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    Production d'énergie renouvelable et durable (PERD)

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ALTEN Energías Renovables was awarded the tender put out by NamPower, to develop, execute and operate a photovoltaic solar power plant in Namibia with installed peak capacity of 45.5 MW for an output of 37 MWac, an investment forecast at $70 million and a useful life of 25 years. It is located in the Hardap region, in the Mariental municipality, 230 km south of the capital, Windhoek. Under the terms of the tender, the ALTEN Energías Renovables group will be in charge of completing development of the energy production plant, its financing, managing the construction, and its subsequent operations and maintenance. The investment vehicle, ALTEN Hardap, consists of NamPower, local investors and the ALTEN Energías Renovables group. ALTEN Africa (wholly-owned affiliate of ALTEN Renewable Energy ) closed a deal at the beginning of the year with Inspired Evolution, whose fund Evolution II will initially co-invest US$36 million in ALTEN Africa to drive the development. Power Africa Partners Standard Bank and the subsidiary of French Development Agency, Proparco, provided more than $50m debt financing for the project.

Project Follow Up

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    ALTEN Africa (filiale à 100% d'ALTEN Energías Renovables) a conclu en début d'année un accord avec Inspired Evolution, dont le fonds Evolution II co-investira dans un premier temps 36 millions de dollars US dans ALTEN Africa pour conduire ce développement.

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    Power Africa Partners Standard Bank et la filiale de l'Agence Française de Développement, Proparco, ont fourni plus de 1,5 Md 50 millions de dollars de financement par emprunt pour le projet.

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